Celebrating Food and being a Cover star


We are honored to be asked to attend the Bridgwater Art Centre Food Festival 2014 on Saturday18th October 2014. I havent attended a foodie event with my cakes before so I thought this may be the perfect way to judge wether I liked it. Thinking back to my crafting days I had more fun being there and meeting new people than I made sales.Needless to say i was a bit dubious!
First came the menu, what do I bake? What do people like? What will sell? So many questions and so little time with all the other orders I had to plan and  make. 
In the end I decided on Cupcakes and several cakes to slice.

Lemon Mini Cakes with vanilla Buttercream
Coffe and Donut Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes with Indulgent Dark Chocolate ganache
Chocolate Cupcakes with Moreish dark Chocolate Orgnge Ganache
Vanilla Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes


A Red Velvert cake with Home made Black Cherry Conserve 
Rainbow Tie Dye cake with Rainbow Sprinklles... are you drooling yet? Well imagine having all 100 cupcakes and Cakes sat in your kitchen looking and smelling divine

So of we go with a car load early Saturday morning. I can remember thinking  " God a baker would have been up hours by now" as I sipped by Brew " Must remember this when you look into opening a bakery!!"

It was quite a quiet event but i met some fabulous stall holders, including Xolate, Riverford Organic Foods, and Sugar and spice. 

I saw lots of familar faces and saw my Rainbow tie Dye cake walk , at times even skip , out the door at super speed. Dont you just love how a Rainbow can make a person smile?

A photographer was snapping away as they do in their flourish and arty way.When it came to my time I thanked the Hair Gods above that I hadnt woke with the Medusa look Ive been sporting lately and smiled away. 

My fellow stall holders seemed busy too, they had fantastic products and skills, I looking on in awe at some of the sweetie treats over the way from me, Handmade by a company called All things sweet. Think I may have to learn that skill, cake may not grow on trees but looks like sweeties do!

Eventually end of day came and after an  online campaign to get more feet through the door , I found I had several orders for deliveryon my way home. Wifi really is the greatest invention.. apart from Kenwood mixers and cake wires of course

Well Tuesday Morning has come around and after a day or so of being just mommy and Girlfriend, crocheting a bit and learning to make Fabric roses( Look out for more of that to come) I turn on my tablet to find I have been tagged about 50 times and my inbox is fit to burst....... Orders? Compalints? NOOOO Look Im a Cover star

Absolutely shocked, remember that Medusa moment ... Im feeling even better now
Ive been facebooked (is that a word) tweeted and gained 50 new likes on my facebook page
and all from a little Local Food Festival

I wonder how Id do at a Big one and  is my kitchen big enough to bake for one 

I felt very supported by Friends of rainbow Bakes and family members so I think that I may lay down my menu to more Foodie events.Kick up my Apron and skip along to more events. But tel me ... What would make your mouth water?
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