I want the guys from Gears of War... He says.....

So its been a busy week with sveral challenging cakes , and my lovely Other half states he wants this elaborate Cake and gve sme three days notice! id already decided on a cake design as I wanted to try my hand at airbrushing a Pint of lager, maybe even a gravity cake. But hes now thrown a spanner in the works.

But I wont be beaten and Im up for the challenge!

Out come my pencils and Google and off I go designing while he sits blowing up buildings and shouting "Chopper" at his gaming XBox Buddies. 

Still along the lines of a pint of lager, I had to get out the airbrush! Aftereor a bit of research I decided that Marcus Fenix was the character I was going to focus on.  We have a canvas of marcus Fenis and the boys on the wall which my daughter thinks is Dave so it seemed the obvious choice.
 Who who plays Gears? 

Who is a Gears Widow?

Quite a challenge eh!

The lager cake was relatively easy,I stacked Two Lemon Cakes with  a Chocolate cake on top. 
The Beer "Bubbles " are made from Marzipan and covered with Fondant.

Once the fondant was dry I used my Cassie Brown Airbrush. I love teh way teh Colors look like Beer and the Light blue on teh handle gives a feel of glass.

Tha hardest part of this cake was marcus Fenix. I kne wthat my man is a massive fan and w eall know that if soemone is a massive fabn they look for details. How on earth am I going to add all those details using Fondant, luster dust, Edible pen and Royal Icing?

Hidden away in Rainbow Bakes Kitchen , surrounded by Images of Marcus I designed a Cartoony Character who spilt eoa beer or two but still kept his guns close... well fairly close :)

I was lucky enough to find a Gun Mould from a a lass off Facebook... Mamas Moulds. I highly recommend her as she ha sloads of really well made  moulds. ( Im addicted) 

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