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My son bought me a ticket to the Cake international Show in Birmingham NEC for my Birthday back in July so I've been excited for rmonths.I've been squirreling away money from all the cake orders I've had ( Thanks guys ) and the day is finally here. Actually when |I say the day i mean the day before. 
My day is planned with military precision, lunch made, bags packed, ticket printed and trainers ready for all the walking I'm going to be doing. I even considered a few gym sessions to build up the biceps for all the cake goodies I'm gong to buy
I sound ready to you Don't I?

I was shooed off to be early by my dearest as he said it was important to have a good nights sleep as It was a long drive. Bless him!!! 15 minutes after tucking me in I hear the Xbox One!!! Bless??!!

Anyway the day has arrived, I'm sat in the car with my freshly brewed tea, m sherbet fruit sweets and my MP3 Player filled with fab tunes and I was ready to spend. The drive was okay and I'm sure the drivers and passengers in the other cars must have known I was shaving a good day as I was singing away and being all Diva s I drove to Birmingham.

My apologies to the big burly man in the 4x4 for my Chaka Khan impression to I'm every woman. 

I was meeting my good friend  Sal from Sals Cupcakes. we have been chatting on Facebook for about a year and I was very happy to be spending 
that time with her especially as I worried that Id be Billy no mates wondering about like a little lost baker. I really didn't have to worry as I arrived early and upon entering the show was immediately blown away with the awesomeness of it all. So many amazing stalls, so many smells and so many people. My plan to scope each stall first was not realized as I skipped to each stall and bought my first goodie at Culpitt Cake Club on the end of the first row.

I was a bit star struck by the end of row 3 as I spotted Cassie Brown from Passion4cakes. I bought her Airbrush and it really did change my cakes and my out look on my cakes. Of course she wouldn't know me from Adams but i had to tell her how amazing her kit was. Yes I did feel like a Mini cake stalker but Hey! I may not get to speak to her again 

Thankfully Sal called me so we met and my wondering slowed as I was able to see lots more fabulous products Id initially missed and buy.

I was most excited about seeing the cakes that had been posted on Facebook. The talent and skill was outstanding and seeing them in real life was unbelievable. I had so many favorites and I was so inspired by them that I think I may enter next year. I don't know how the judges picked Gold, Silver and Bronze.
I've ben chatting to many of the lasses and lads who entered so it was so nice to see their work upfront but sadly I didn't bump into many of them.

I know those of you reading this blog will have an interest in cake or baking so I encourage you to attend one year. Its not just for professionals or Semi professionals . its a fabulous day ( or weekend ) away and you will come home feeling inspired, exhausted and eager to design your own show stopper. 
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